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As I started to look into the Home Inspection industry I wanted to find the qualification needed and just what kind of competition was out there. See, I have been doing flooring, kitchen and bathroom remodels for the past 30+ years. It all started in the humble town of Chicago, age 10, picking up scraps as a carpet installer helper with my brother. From there is was summers installing with him and eventually helping pay tuition through collage. Its something about the "Wow Factor" that keeps me coming back. The challenge seemed to have worn off with the loss of my mother back in 2005. From there i knew i needed to spread my wings. I got into all kinds of things, Adverting sales, Flooring Sales, I even got my Real Estate license, sold a home and 'BAM!" I found my calling. I followed this poor guy around like a hungry puppy. So the journey begins here!


As far as me working for someone? Just not something that has worked in the past. Now, working with someone? That's where we make the magic happen. Together I'm putting together a team of Contractors, Investors, Realtors, and Inspectors that truly network to help each other out. Not just for the love of what we all do but for the love of where we live and see our families growing with our community. So in 2014 i started adding to the dreams and vision of what Rohter's Construction Services meant to me. I tried to change the name 4 different times and i just can't let go of how proud I am to carry my Family name as a company name. I take pride in every project as if my name is on it because it is.


As i get older and a bit more seasoned I knew i needed to take a different role in my business and share my experiences with those willing to learn. I also needed a trade added to this business that make a bigger impact in my community. As i matriculated into classes to become licensed as a Home Inspector i found myself in a class full of students with little or no construction background. This was a bit eye raising. The inspector i followed around on my first home sale was an ex-builder. It was amazing to watch the way he understood some of the nuances of building. Something i'm just not convinced a Chef or Janitor would have experienced having not come from the trade industry. Now, i'm not saying there aren't good inspectors that come from other industries (I happen to know a few that look up to and learn from daily) but there is something to be said about years of seeing hands on homes being build from the ground up. That doesn't even begin to describe the things learned from being in the remodel industry. Not only seeing retro fit projects but being a part of demolition can reveal years and years of experience not obtainable from books alone. That being said, "Just ask" ask your inspector their background. for example, I can order a steak with a hand made sauce with grilled onions and a side baked potato. Pretty good explanation. Yet coming from the Chef it would have been described as an 8 oz top sirloin grilled at a perfect degrees for 3 min a side. Based with a hand made sauce with its contents to complex for the common steak eater. worked together with caramelized onions that melt in your mouth. I could go on and on but i think you get the point. I take a lot of pride in all the experiences and work I have put into what I know and how I go about my Home Inspections and Home Projects. I hope in your quest for a qualified Home Inspector or Contractor Service based company you got some good tips and information about the background of my company and it help you develop your question and qualification you need in your Service Companies.



Thank you!

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