At Southern Oaks Property Inspectors you an be assured a quality and through inspection by an Internachi Certified Inspector.  We take pride in every inspection and put 25 + years of construction experience into every Report.   

1 Year Home Warranty

Covers, Pre Existing, Non Detectable Defects


We couldn’t find it, It’s Covered

HomeGauge and Global Home USA have agreed to include a "Home Inspector Service Option" in the purchase of a one year home warranty. Basically, if an item or component is deemed in good working order, not requiring servicing or repair "from the inspector's report," then it's covered under the terms of this warranty!


Plus our customer, should they purchase this warranty, will have more protection with "Non-detected pre-existing coverage." Other home warranties do not care about the inspector's report (nor do they want to see it). They look to see if a problem is a pre-existing condition. If it is, they don't cover it. Global Home USA requires a home inspection and they will cover that item under the terms of the warranty if you do not recommend servicing or repair. If the inspector does recommend service or repair on an item, the customer (or seller), can get it fixed before closing and retain the receipt — and still get that item included in their one year warranty!


If you want this added protection go to your online inspection report we sent you and click on the Warranty offer. Remember, you must first have a home inspection done by HomeFront Inspection LLC to get a better home warranty and give you peace of mine.

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