What Inspections do I need to Schedule?

This is a question we get all the time so don't feel bad for asking.  As you my have known or are learning quickly, all insurance companies are not the same.  Given this information we can't tell you exactly what inspections you need but what we hope to do is get you more information so you can hopefully navigate through this very exciting time.

Depending on your loan, (VA, FHA, USDA, or Conventional) you will need a variety of inspection during your inspection window.  We broke down each below to help with this decision.  


Conventional - You will need an appraisal inspection, which determines the value of the property. Conventional loans don't typically require pest or other inspections unless there's evidence that they are needed. ... Sometimes an appraiser will note something that prompts a lender to require an additional inspection.  Also on a conventional loan you will still need homeowners insurance and the insurance company will ask for a minimum of a 4-Point inspection and Wind Mitigation.  The 4-Point inspection will not be as detailed and in-depth as a Full General Inspection. We always recommend inspections on any home purchase.  Letting a non bios professional view of the home can save you thousands of dollars.  Feel Free to contact us for any further questions.  407-497-0900

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