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Complete Buyers Inspection

A home inspector will look at a house's HVAC system, interior plumbing and electrical systems, roof, attic, floors. windows and doors, foundation, basement and structural components, then provide a written report with results. ... Attend the inspection so you can explore your new home in detail and ask questions as you go.

Sewer Scope Inspections

Having a sewer scope inspection performed usually only takes a few minutes – and the inspection is just what it sounds like. ... Then, this camera is run through your home's drainpipe, to examine the sewer lines and other underground pipes for any flaws, imperfections, or serious problems.

4-Point Inspections

Four point inspections are the tools that insurance underwriters and insurance companies use to determine risk. As you might have guessed, there are four main things that are being examined during a four-point inspection: 1) Electrical, 2) Plumbing, 3) Roof and Structure, and 4) HVAC system

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Drone Imaging Services

They will run through their safety checklists, conduct the unmanned flight, collect aerial images and other data. The drone data collected during the asset inspection will be analyzed to extract valuable insights. ... Our inspection costs are lower, we perform inspections faster, and more safely than traditional methods.

Wind Mitigation Inspections

A wind mitigation inspection (also called a windstorm mitigation inspection) is when a certified inspector checks your home's wind-resistant features. ... Though a wind mitigation inspection is not required to get Florida homeowners insurance, it can result in substantial savings.

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The primary goal of Water Testing Services is to offer water testing of private wells for financing and refinancing through VA, FHA or USDA loans. When financing through one of these agencies, they require a private well to be tested for coliform bacteria

The coliform test also includes a determination that e. coli and fecal coliform are present or absent. Sometimes additional sampling is required for Nitrates and Lead.


  • Check with your lender or realtor to confirm what is required.

Some people also just want to test their well to make sure they have safe drinking water.

The Centers for Disease Control and the Florida Department of Health recommend regular testing of private water supplies and wells.

Certified Pool and Spa Inspections

Typically, the inspection will begin with a thorough walk-around of the pool area, looking for any issues with the pool deck, the coping, and the mastic that connects the two. The walk-around will also check the area around the pool for appropriate safety features, such as secure fencing and properly latching gates

What Does A Pool Inspector Check?

  • Gates & Fencing

  • Pool signage

  • Ladders, Diving Boards, Deck or Surrounding concrete

  • Pool Pump, Piping, Access to Pool Components

  • Chemical Management

  • Component condition; Lining, Structural Parts, Foundation

  • Water Condition

  • & More

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