Pretty much all home buyers will opt to do a home inspection. It’s cheap insurance that the house you are purchasing will be a home in sound condition. Florida home buyers wanting to use their VA home loan benefit are no exception. In fact, Florida VA home buyers should have a home inspection checklist ready to hand their home inspector. VA mortgages have some of the highest standards when it comes to the condition and quality of the home being purchased.


Before guaranteeing and backing a mortgage, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) wants to ensure that the home you wish to sell or buy is a worthy investment. Part of ensuring this is by performing the VA home loan inspection. The purpose is to check for any damages or defects in the home that lower its overall value or risk the safety of its occupants.   Some examples of these types of defects are broken windows, non functional HVAC, unsafe electricity, holes or damaged roof, termite WDO infestation, bad plumbing, etc.

General Inspection Required for VA Loan: (check with your lender)

  • Full Inspection Report - Based on square footage of home (even garage) $285 and up

  • 4-Point Inspection - $125

  • Wind Mitigation Report - $75

  • WDO (termite) Inspection Report subcontracted out

  • Septic Inspection Report (if applicable) subcontracted out

  • Well Inspection (if applicable) - subcontracted out 

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