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Wind Mitigation Inspection

What Is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

A wind mitigation inspection, also called a “windstorm inspection” is a visual examination of a home’s ability (or lack of it) to withstand damage during a windstorm.

During this type of inspection, the home inspector examines your home’s various characteristics to withstand wind.

While wind mitigation inspections are not required by law, we highly recommend them for every Florida homeowner.

For starters, your insurance agent or broker might require (or at least “highly encourage”) you to get a wind mitigation report before they will issue you an insurance policy. More and more, we’re seeing insurance agents push wind mit inspections on homeowners.

But perhaps the best reason to get a wind mitigation inspection is that, under Florida law, insurance companies are required to give discounts on home insurance for structures that receive a passing grade. For most homeowners, the discounts they receive more than make up for the cost of the inspection.

Hang on to your report! It states on the bottom that it’s good for five years. But if you’re shopping for a new insurance policy with a three-year-old wind mit report, your insurance carrier will likely request an updated one. If you’re not shopping, most carriers will let it ride past five years. (And if you can’t find your report, let us know; we don’t get rid of them.)

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